DIY: print posters remembering victims of anti-trans violence for Pride marching

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Here is a set of posters with information on every victim of fatal anti-trans violence in 2017. Equality Ohio will feature these posters at every Pride we march at.


  • Download
  • Print at your print shop at 11×17 in color or black and white (there is no picture available for Brenda Bostick)
  • Staple gun or glue gun posters to stick
  • Remember our fallen siblings with Pride and vow to work to end transphobic violence!

If you want to customize the poster with your organization or group, here are the original InDesign files.

posters_Page_01 posters_Page_02 posters_Page_03 posters_Page_04 posters_Page_05 posters_Page_06 posters_Page_07 posters_Page_08 posters_Page_09 posters_Page_10 posters_Page_11