From Alana Jochum: Breathe.

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The Department of Justice has been on a roll lately. Today, they just released guidance that is being largely interpreted as a how-to guide on discriminating against LGBTQ people and women. It has already been used to try to rollback women’s access to healthcare today.
It feels like it never stops, so I’m going to ask a small favor of you.
Take a breath.
Remember you’re important.
Remember that sometimes the anger and frustration we feel is because we know, deep down, that people––including you––are deserving of love, and sometimes it feels like there is too little to go around.
Remember that love is a renewable resource. On a day like today, I hope you can, even just a little, treat yourself with kindness and love, and share that love with others that you see. They need it, too.
Now, let’s take another breath and get to work. We don’t have a magic wand we can wave at the federal government, but we do have our cell phones, and Ohio legislators need to have their phones ring off the hook to protect LGBTQ people.
Please: will you make these calls and ask a friend to do the same?

  • Call Representative Blessing at 614-466-9091 and ask him to grant HB160 another hearing to protect LGBTQ Ohioans from discrimination.
  • Call Senator Coley at 614-466-8072 and ask him to grant SB100 a hearing to protect LGBTQ Ohioans from discrimination.
Thank you for everything you do––even if it’s just forwarding this along to a friend who needs to hear it.
In love and solidarity, Alana Jochum, Executive Director, Equality Ohio