Tell Gov. Kasich: discrimination is real! #ItHappensKasich

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Thursday, March 23rd, Rep. Antonio introduced a bill to make discriminating against LGBTQ people illegal.

When asked about it, Gov. Kasich told the Dayton Daily News:

I don’t want anybody being discriminated against because they happen to be gay. I don’t favor discrimination in any way so I’ll check it out… I haven’t heard much about this but if it’s happening, we have to deal with it.

Gov. Kasich, it happens!

Have you been discriminated against because of your gender identity/expression or sexual orientation?

Tell the governor!

Twitter: Post your story of discrimination with the hashtag #ItHappensKasich.

 Facebook: Post your story with #ItHappensKasich and tag @John Kasich.

Discrimination is real. Your stories prove it. Let’s tell the governor that it’s time to do something about it.