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Cuyahoga’s Ordinance 0009…

Protects Against Employment Discrimination
Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms, such as not being hired because you are gay, jokes or harassment because you are bisexual, or fired because you are transgender.

Protects Against Housing Discrimination
Housing discrimination can be a landlord refusing to rent, show you an apartment, or suddenly raising your rent based on your sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Protects Against Public Accommodations Discrimination
Public accommodations are things like stores, restaurants, parks and movie theaters. HB160 protects LGBTQ from discrimination in these places, like other protected classes already are.

The Latest

Cuyahoga County Council Passes Ordinance Expanding LGBT Protections

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Two Cuyahoga County anti-discrimination initiatives aim to protect LGBTQ community

Legislation Introduced to Expand Cuyahoga County's Anti-Discrimination Code to Protect Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

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