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The 132nd General Assembly has concluded and this bill is no longer active.

Ohio’s HB658 is the latest attempt by anti-LGBTQ extremists in Ohio to codify explicit second-class citizenship for LGBTQ people, only this time, they are targeting transgender youth.

HB658 (1) requires school staff to inform parents if a child wishes to be “treated in a manner opposite” of their “biological sex” and (2) requires written authorization from birth parents and all guardians––including non-custodial parents––before trans-related medical care is issued and prohibits the state from taking action when parents refuse to provide medically-necessary care.


The Latest

HB658: Anti-Trans, Absurd, and Unnecessary

Ohio debates law to require teachers to 'out' transgender students to parents

Ohio lawmakers propose a bill that would force teachers to 'out' transgender students to their parents