House of Worship Database

You can usually tell when you’re not welcome. But how do you know if you are? Equality Ohio can help! Our House of Worship Database can help you find the a faith community close to you that is welcoming and affirming without an if, and or but.


Is there anything that hasn’t been discussed in the basement of a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or other house of worship? These are spaces where we celebrate, where we mourn, and where we learn. Equality Ohio can train your faith community to be more faithfully inclusive.

Ohio Faith Coalition for Nondiscrimiination

The Ohio Faith Coalition is made up of faithful from diverse religious traditions throughout Ohio, whom affirm the sacred dignity and worth of all human beings, and as a result, support LGBTQ-inclusive policy. They believe that we are all created equal and are a reflection of the divine. Join them.

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