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Fairness Act

The Ohio Fairness Act adds sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to the laws that make discrimination illegal in Ohio. That’s right—in most parts of Ohio, it’s still legal to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

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LegislationUpdates in Legislation


Level: State
Status: Proposed
Equality Ohio Position: Support
Topics: Nondiscrimination

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Cuyahoga County Ordinance 0009

Level: Local
Status: Passed
Equality Ohio Position: Support
Topics: Nondiscrimination

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Get InvolvedWhat Can You Do?

Equality Ohio is working for YOU.

We’re working to pass a statewide nondiscrimination bill, and we’re supporting municipalities as they seek to add nondiscrimination protections at the local level.

Through our commitment to racial and social justice, we’re addressing issues of inequality at the margins. And with our commitment to expanding inclusive faith traditions, we’re mobilizing communities of faith across Ohio to help end LGBTQ inequality.

The work of realizing a fair and welcoming Ohio requires real conversations with real people. With your help, we give Ohioans the opportunity to engage in ways that affect change, not only on a statewide level, but in their neighborhoods and cities.

When you support the work of Equality Ohio Education Fund, you are fueling life-changing connections in homes, churches, and businesses across the state.

Donate today. Let your dollars become the words that change the heart and mind of our next Ally.


Recent NewsStay Informed

The Midterms and LGBTQ Ohioans

Tuesday’s election results brought a flood of emotions for LGBTQ people and their allies across the country. We’ve taken the last few days to process, analyze, and strategize. Our conclusion: Ohio is ready for equality and we are more dedicated and prepared than ever to make that happen. Equality Ohio was more engaged in this […]

Ohio Civil Rights Commission Often Powerless to Address LGBTQ Discrimination

The Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) is tasked with responding to and resolving complaints of discrimination. People submit complaints for a variety of different types of discrimination, such as race, disability, sex, military status, religion and more. Equality Ohio has obtained a number of complaints from the past several years and will be sharing them […]

Why did the Ohio Senate get so many Cs?

With over half of the Ohio Senate up for reelection this season, LGBTQ Ohioans and their allies have the opportunity to dramatically shift the dialogue in Columbus from questions of if? and how? to answers of when and now. You may notice that 20 out of 32 Senators that we graded earned Cs. There are […]

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December 5, 2018Allies & Advocates in Cleveland

6pm@Greater Cleveland Aquarium

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"If they don't pass this law it will keep a lot of very people from doing jobs that could save lives."- Rev. Rachel Gardner Purdy, St. John's UCC

Stand with Rev. Gardner Purdy in supporting LGBTQ Ohioans. Ask your Representatives to pass HB 160.

The #OHFairnessAct would protect LGBTQ Ohioans from discrimination.

But to those that oppose equality, make no mistake: slow-to-act legislators won't stop equality in Ohio.

From @Into's 50 States of Queer series––Ohio